Calling all kids!!!!

What is this artist painting? Is it a jungle scene with animals? An underwater scene with fish and coral? Maybe it’s the solar system with spaceships and aliens? YOU DECIDE!! Use your imagination to help the artist create your dream mural on this printable page. Use crayons, paint, colored pencils or markers. Be creative and have fun. When you finish your masterpiece, scan and email it to Wallustrations. Not only will we post it here with your first name and age on our website, but you can have your idea painted on YOUR WALL for 10% off.

Miranda, 5

Phillip, 8

Makayla, 10

Alexis, 7

Sterlinng, 6

Alexa, 5

Becca, 7

Amanda, 5

Sheridan, 10

Matthew, 12

Amanda, 14

Evan, 21 months